Infant Clothing

Infant Clothing in Danville, PA

Since 1963, The Kiddie Corner Boutique has been the go-to source for baby clothes in Danville, Bloomsburg, Lewisburg, and Mechanicsville, PA. We specialize in outfitting your baby, age 0-24 months, in the sweetest fashions available. Obviously, comfort and safety are crucial in this stage of your child’s life. You’ll also be taking plenty of pictures, so every outfit has to be cute. The team at The Kiddie Corner Boutique works with all parents to find the best clothing options for their new bundle of joy.

Sweet Styles for Preemies, Newborns, and Infants

At The Kiddie Korner Boutique, we aim to be your source for infant clothing in Danville, PA. We know that babies change quickly and having the right clothing every step of the way is necessary to keep your sweetie comfortable. We’re a full-service shop, providing personalized service to every parent who needs quality clothing for their baby.

  • Preemie: Babies who weigh less than 7 pounds at birth
  • Newborn: Babies 3 mo, 6 mo, and 9 mo
  • Infant: Older Infants who wear sizes 12 mo, 18 mo, and 24 mo.

Preemie Clothing and Newborn Fashions

Preemie Clothing

Premature babies weighing seven pounds or less at birth have a very special need – most newborn and infant clothing is much too large for them! At The Kiddie Korner Boutique, make sure your sweet bundle of joy is safe and fashionable during this crucial period of their earliest days with selections that will help to keep your preemie comfortable.

“Newborn” sizes are also available. Typically, these babies weigh between 7 and 10 pounds and are not as overwhelmed by this size as they would in a 3- month garment.

At The Kiddie Korner Boutique, we source preemie clothing and other products that feature soft, beautiful, washable fabrics. When you shop with us, you will always get the best

Some of our most popular items include:

  • Sleepwear
  • “Play” Clothes
  • Burp Cloths and Blankets
  • Sweaters
  • Special attire for “going home,” christening, and “dress-up” events.”

Infant Fashion

Infants from 12 months through 18 months sometimes need “fancy” outfits for special events, but they still need to be kept comfortable and they also need clothes that are soft and safe for everyday wear. One of our specialties at The Kiddie Korner Boutique in Danville, PA is keeping your sweet ones comfortable, snug and protected. Your child will be moving around a lot during this time, starting to explore the world and race through a lot of “firsts.” During this stage of your baby’s life, it’s a great idea to add some accessories like socks or footless tights to keep your little one warm no matter the season.

Some of our most popular infant fashion offerings include:

  • Smocked Dresses
  • Smocked Shirts and Shorts
  • Playsuits and Sunsuits
  • Converta-Gowns and Hats
  • PJs and Socks
  • Blankets and Bibs
  • Sweaters and Jackets

Keeping the Littlest Sweeties Comfortable

The period from birth to 24 months is an important time for the development of your baby. You need safe, cozy infant clothing to keep your child comfortable during this time—but you also want them to be cute! Contact us at The Kiddie Korner Boutique today at 570-275-0109. We’re here to outfit your infant in the most adorable preemie clothing, little girl clothing, and little boy clothing styles you can find, along with children’s toys and more.